1.What are the different chapters of bankruptcy and which one fits your needs?

    a. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Reading all of your debts after you add up all of your property and subtract amounts that you owe that are secured by a house or car and the amounts you can keep(know as exemptions) are subtracted, in theory the remaining amounts are liquidated and paid to creditors. In reality for most people this never happens because there is nothing left over and they have a no asset bankruptcy case and they keep their property with whatever liens are on that property and the rest of the debts other than nondischargable debts like many taxes are discharged.

    b. In  a chapter 13 in Berks county a plan is put together which allows you to to pay back some or all  of you debts over a 3 to 5 year time period. It is primarily used by berks county residents to cure a house arrearage or car arrearage, you can discuss these issues with you Berks county bankruptcy attorney.

    c. In a Chapter 11  in Berks county a busines or in some cases a consumer who has too much debt to qualify for Chapter 13 may  choose to put together a Chapter 11 plan in much the same way a chapter 13 debtor might utilize Chapter 13.

    d. In a Chapter 12 bankruptcy a family farmer or fisherman in Berks county might put together a plan to pay back all or a portion of there debts over a time period like a Chapter 13.

As to these difficult choices a Reading or Berks county bankruptcy Attorney could advise you and give you the advice you would need to help you get an fresh start.