What are your Rights when it Comes to Nearby Construction?

Construction noise can be a major nuisance, preventing you from enjoying your own home and property. In some cases, it can even pose a health hazard. If you live near a construction site, you may be wondering what your rights are.

The first thing to understand is that construction noise is considered a type of pollution. As such, construction companies are required to take steps to minimize the impact of their work on nearby residents. For example, they may be required to use sound-dampening equipment or limit work hours to avoid disturbing people who live nearby.

If you are being bothered by construction noise, your first step should be to talk to the construction company. They may be willing to make changes to their operations in order to reduce the impact on you. However, if they are unwilling or unable to do so, you may need to contact your local authorities. In some cases, they may be able to force the company to take measures to reduce the noise level.

Ultimately, construction noise can be a major nuisance. However, you do have rights when it comes to dealing with it. By understanding the law and working with the construction company, you can help ensure that the impact on your life is minimized.

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